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Coming alive

I haven't felt this alive in a long time.  That fight club movie makes so much more sense now, that brawl with Wufei is just what I needed.  I hurt in a good way how much have I missed this pain it makes the soldier in me burn to come alive again.  I need to start training again, from the smirk on Wufei's face I could tell he felt the same.

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Sorry this is friends only. For an open RPG please check out the one listed below.


Welcome to Gakuin High. It's not one of the best schools here in Tokyo, Japan. In fact, it seems to be run by delinquents while the Student Council and faculty straining to keep it peaceful. The few rich and high-class students attending this school may seem out of place, but everyone at Gakuin High is here for a reason.

Introducing a RPG set in modern day Tokyo, Japan. It is an RPG based on original ideas with original, Japanese high school characters. We are looking for dedicated players who will maintain an active role in the RPG. The moderators are experienced and will not allow this RPG to die, let alone, the people in them.

The RPG is played in 3rd person, past tense. It is all done on LiveJournal. Each character gets their own journal and are required to leave comments in other player's journal. There is a deadline of two weeks between posts. Player's are required to be opportunistic with comments, meaning they must leave a comment when opportunity arises to.

Japanese High RPG
Character Creation Guide

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